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100% pure Altaic Shilajit "Mountain Grace"

Product: 100% purified Altaic shilajit (mumiyo).

Model: 100g of shilajit in glass jar.

The lot also includes: carton box, measuring spoon, English instructions.

Place of origin: Altai Mountains (Siberia, Russia).

Manufacturer: Sashera Med Ltd.

Shelf life: 3 years. The date manufactured is stamped on the jar.

Certification: Certificate of authenticity, ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

Why is it a right decision to buy shilajit from us? 
Shilajit we offer is a real source of health
Supreme quality of the goods in our store
Innovative purification: no chemicals or heat 
Authenticity and quality  are proved by certificates

Shilajit produced by Sashera-Med Ltd is proved to contain dosens of minerals, vitamins, amino-acids.

What is most important, it includes a very high percentange of fulvic acids. They play the crucial role for helping the red blood cells to transport the proper amount of oxigen to all tissues of the body. 

We carefully choose the goods for placing them in our store: the main determinant is quality.

We collaborate only with manufacturers which can prove the quality of their goods. Sashera med is the most innovative company of the sector with the full cycle of production - they pick shilajit and cultivate other herbs themselves.

This is the only way to preserve all medicinal properties of shilajit it's famous for.

How then to be sure that there are no heavy metals? Sashera-Med Ltd uses premium quality shilajit so it's free from toxic elements from the start. That's why it is not heated above 40°C. Anyway, each batch is tested in the lab before going to customers.

All products in our store, including this one, are certified.  That means shilajit we sell doesn't contain any impuruties.

The certificates also prove that there are no forbidden levels of toxic elements in all the production we sell. Our best mumiyo "Mountain grace" is surely purufied according to all ISO quality standards. 


Healthy doesn't mean costly
       Effective logistics:           We send from Moscow
Small repository and frequent stock renewals  
Business ethics: not just words for us

We are breaking the stereotype that healthy products should cost a fortune. 

Our company does not have a goal to make superprofits – we want to make the wonderful products from Siberia affordable for everyone on the Earth. Buying from us, you can be sure that you will get the best product for best price.

All the international mail from Altai is firstly shipped to Moscow and only then to your country. 

By tranporting the items to Moscow ourselves before you order the item, we save your time and money: you get your parcel about a week earlier comparing to sending it by post directly from Altai region. It is cheaper and safer too!

We restock up to 3 times a month in order to provide you with the freshest products from Altai. 

Our tiny warehouse and massive demand for our products support the frequent renewal of our stocks. Anyway, even though the products do not have to wait long before they are sold out, still the best possible storage conditions are provided. 


­Honesty­ is our main trade principle, which is highly appreciated by our buyers. 

We never tell lies just to sell you one more item. When buying from us, you don't fund copyright infringements: we never copy other people's photos and texts. Our another competitive advantage is that we really speak English with no problem and are open to any questions!

And, of course, our customers' feedback!

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